SLR Magic Rangefinder CINE Adapter

The SLR Magic Rangefinder CINE Adapter is an optical device with integrated follow focus gears. When attached to a compatible taking lens, one could overide the focus control of the taking lens with the Rangefinder’s built-in focus ring. Provides calibrated focus markings from 3’6 ft (1.1M) to Infinity. Highly recommended for users wanting to have single focus capability on the SLR Magic Anamorphot series of adapters, currently 1.33x and 2x. Furthermore the Rangefinder CINE adapter can be placed on many taking lenses to offer those wanting to have “cinema like” manual focus capability on auto-focus lenses. Like many SLR Magic products, the Rangefinder CINE adapter is crafted using black anodised metal to the highest standard.


Model SLR Magic Rangefinder CINE Adapter
Focus type Manual
Min focusing distance 1.1M
Dimensions Length: 24.3mm, Width: 97mm
Weight 340g
Fitment MF & AF Lenses
Rear filter thead 77mm, step down rings can be used to adapt to smaller taking lenses (Not included)
Front filter size 82mm


SLR Magic Rangefinder CINE Adapter Advanced Features:

  • Most lenses have about 90 to 150 degree focus angle. Get a more cinema-like-feel on many different brands of camera lens. The Rangefinder changes a normal automatic focus-by-wire lens to one that offers a 240 degrees focus angle Cine lens with hard stops (while automatic lenses would keep spinning past infinity).
  • If you use the SLR Magic Rangefinder CINE adapter on wide angle or zoom lenses vignetting may be apparent. Therefore you have to zoom or crop-in to avoid vignetting.
  • Offers the possibility to use follow focus set-up due to the integrated gearing.
  • Do you use legacy lenses where the focus barrel does not turn smoothly? The Rangefinder adapter overrides the focus barrel mechanism of the original lens allowing much smoother transitions.
  • Normally photographic lenses breath more heavily than Cine lenses. With the use of the SLR Magic Rangefinder Adapter, breathing will be much reduced, as the breathing will correspond to the Rangefinder Adapter rather the taking lens. Breathing of the rangefinder adapter is minimal but If the taking lens does not breath at all, then the SLR Magic Rangefinder adapter may cause a very slight breathing.
  • Accurate witness marks on the Rangefinder adapter offers accurate distance marking for the taking lens. Furthermore, different lenses have various rotational angle and various witness marks a relative position. For the SLR Magic Rangefinder Adapter user, they can achieve uniform rotational angle and witness marks for all their lenses.
  • Single Focus solution for the SLR Magic Anamorphot 1.33x and 2x. – Attach to front of the SLR Magic Anamorphot 1.33x or 2x, and the system will become single focus by setting the taking lens to infinity, setting the Anamorphot to Normal, then just focus using the Rangefinder adapter.
  • The Rangefinder was made to match blue flares with the SLR Magic Anamorphot lenses. The Rangefinder is better suited for f/2.8 or smaller especially when the Rangefinder feature will be used for accurate focus puller witness marking.
  • There will be a slight drop in resolution when the Rangefinder Adapter is attached. The sharpness of the Rangefinder is relative to the sharpness of the taking lens used. There is no definitive figure as every taking lens has different characteristics and behaves differently with the Rangefinder.


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